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Pink Drink For Parties

Welcome to the Pink Drinks website. There are many different types and kinds of pink drinks on the market. I found one website that has 22 Drink Recipes with PINK in the title.

If you are looking for refreshing pink drink recipe click here and I have several listed on this website. There is also information about party drinks or just a good refreshing drink for the hot summer days.

My Original Pink Drinks Recipe For Non Alcohol Parties

This Pink Drink recipe is so easy to make and I love the taste. My version of this drink is very easy. Get a large punch bowl and add a couple of cold bottles of 7-up or ginger ale to it. The only other ingredient you need is a half gallon or more of strawberry ice cream or strawberry sherbet. Add the strawberry ice cream/sherbet to the bowl in one large block. It is ready to serve right away. I put a ladle and a spoon out to serve the Pink Drink because some people will add a scoop of ice cream to their glass. Some people like to spice it up some by adding extra strawberries and cherries with stem to the punch bowl. Add more 7-up and ice cream as needed to keep the punch bowl. Don’t worry about the flavor because it taste great at the start all the way to the end. This is my original pink drink recipe that I’m sure has been used for years by many other people in their own way. Of all the party drinks I have had,  I have got to say that this easy drink to make and is my favorite. This is basically a strawberry float. (Next time I have a party I will add pictures of this drink to this website.)

Pink Drinks – The Best Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

When attending or hosting a party where drinking is inevitable you might need to reconsider the type of drinks you are going to take. You don’t have to worry anymore on what you will take when attending kid’s parties because pink drinks can provide you the best satisfaction over alcoholic drinks. Well, that might not be the only reason why you should take the drink, there are a myriad of other reasons that make the drink a perfect drink for just any party in town. Here are some of the benefits that make the party drink ideal for just any party out there plus you do not have the responsibility of a person leaving your party impaired and then you getting the blame.

This drink does not only come out as a non-alcoholic party drink but it does also have a cool, sweet and tartly taste that will leave you both sober and satisfied at the end of the party. Again, the fact that it is non-alcoholic nature makes it ideal for people of any age to drink as it doesn’t have any effects on the users. It is actually more of a kid’s party drink and can be ideal a baby shower drink on children’s parties. You can hence comfortably allow your wife or husband and your kids to accompany you to a well organized party where this drink is the most official.

It Is Cheaper In Cost

Non-alcoholic drinks are ideal for decent parties as they make the party great and engaging even in the company of kids. Such drinks as pink drink make drinking on a party cool and fun as you can even keep up with conversations till the end. So for the kid’s shower parties, birthday parties, wedding parties and other special occasions, non-alcoholic drinks would always make the party decent and worth remembering. The pink drink will cost about $5 to $7 to fill a punch bowl and then a couple of dollars every tine you do a re-fill. Plan on having 3 to 5 half gallons of ice cream/sherbet and 5 or more 2 liters of 7-up and/or ginger ale. This is a way to mix the flavors up a little and still have several great party drinks for kids and your pink drinks.

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Coffee For The Adults

Coffee BeansYou always want to have coffee available to be served. Most people will make two pots of coffee, one regular and one decaf. Some people will serve the single serve coffee so that people can pick the type they want. There are over 10 different types and flavors of coffee available. The price on these single serve coffee pods range in price from 25 to 75 cents each.

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